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  S&D stonejewelry Is a jewelry store in Terminal 21 Shopping Mall located in Bangkok and Pattaya here inThailand. It was started in 2014, with Sally & Danny, who has long experience from the traditional stonemill industry in Bangkok, and many years of experience from the handcraft industry in Norway. In our shop you will find Jewelry mainly hand craft in silver, where we use only 925 silver. But it is stones and crystals S&D is famous for, and we only use natural semi precious stone. Here you will find birthstone, zodiac stone, lucky stone, love stone, Prayer beads, presents and collections stuff as well.

  Our stones comes from different mines around the world, but most of them we try to find around the south east Asia region. Countries such as Thailand, Indonesia, Myanmar and Cambodia have long traditions of searching for gems, as mentioned in Thailand, it is found among the finest rubies in the world, while Indonesia has large deposits of Amber, Cambodia has very beautiful Zircon and Myanmar with the world's finest green jade.

  When we have many different stones in our shop, we have to investigate them carefully, we check our stone with gem instruments, and we collaborate with AGL Thai Laboratory ( for certification of our most valuable gemstone. We will make sure where they come from, whenever they are natural and what they have for meaning and prosperity in to the crystal world. We make a lot of being a hundred percent sure what kind of stone we have and where it comes from. In our web shop you will find all of this, and fil free to ask if you wonder anything. And, here you have our new web shop where we looking forward to bring you the very best of the world of stones, crystals and jewelry.

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