Druzy Quartz Pendant

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Druzy Quartz have its name because all the very small sugar crystal in it, an also look like small treasure cave in the stone.
Druzy Quartz have a positive impact on the wearer. The stone calms and soothes a tensed mind making it stress free. Druzy Quartz has the ability to draw out the negativity inside thereby filling one with positive energies. The stone is believe to stabilizing the aura. This helps in clear, pragmatic and creative thinking. Druzy Quartz has also healing property, it works on imbalances in the wearer`s body, keeping you fit and fine, an also vitalized every time.
Quartz it`s found abundantly on earth, but high quality Druzy are very rare and exclusive.
Our Dryzy is from Brazil

Unique creation


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925 Silver

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